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How Do You Do Area

To calculate the area, the length of one side needs to be known. Also, the length of a line from the middle of a side to the middle of the pentagon is needed. This line is known as the apothem, which is also the radius of the intercircle that can be drawn within the pentagon.

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In order to find the diameter of a circle if you have the area is to rearrange the formula for the area of a circle to put diameter as the unknown, like so: PIE*d = Area of a Circle d = (Area of a Circle) / PIE Therefore if the area of your circle is 40cm, 40/PIE = 12.73cm and that’s the diameter.

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Area = b h b = base h = vertical height : Square Area = a 2 a = length of side: Rectangle Area = w h w = width h = height : Parallelogram Area = b h b = base h = vertical height: Trapezoid (US) trapezium (uk) Area = (a+b) h h = vertical height : Circle Area = r 2 Circumference = 2 r r = radius: Ellipse Area = ab : Sector Area = r 2

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